a stinking fairytale
a stinking fairytale
smrdljiva bajka


Miroslav Momcilovic

Moma is a bum suffering from depression.

Ema is a bum and a treated alcoholic.

Moma lives in a deserted factory. Ema lives in a manhole.

Moma was attracted to Ema on a first sight. Ema was attracted to Moma on a second sight.

Long ago, Ema lost her baby and then she started to drink. Or she started to drink and then she lost her baby. That doesn't really matter now. What matters is that Moma helped her get over it.

Moma and Ema start living together. They brighten each other's days. They manage somehow to get by in total destitution. They get married. The Bum King, who lives on a dump, performs the ceremony.

Moma and Ema go to their honeymoon and find a baby left by a waste container. They help the baby live through the night. They take care of it as much as they can. They realize that the baby would be better off in a children's hospital. They take the baby there, but plan to keep an eye on the baby until she grows up, but the life is planning a different story.

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