a stinking fairytale
a stinking fairytale
a stinking fairytale


Miroslav Momcilovic

Inspiration for this film I found when I saw two homeless people, man and woman, hold their hands. It was one of the most touching moments of my life. Two heroes, two anti-heroes, humiliated, condemned, rejected by all, drowned in their own sins, find the power of love in themselves and own redemption. They are, in a strange way, saviors of all the beautiful and sublime, all which makes us human.

This is why I feel need for this film. For something that will raise us when there are so many worries of everyday life. When we lose sense of giving tenderness, care for others and need for pure love.

My intention is to attract cinema audience around world. Story is universal, yet characters are typical for Balkan region, but understandable to anyone who walked by homeless people, felt discomfort and pretended not to notice them. My intention is to try to make visible those ‘invisible people’. Get closer that emotion how I felt first time I saw two homeless people hold their hands, like they didn’t need anything else except that moment, that place and just two of them. It is something that changed my perspective of everyday life, of everyday problems and my point of view of other people.

The key for my director's approach to this film lies in its title: A Stinking Fairytale. Both the picture and the sound should convey the unity of opposites. The stench and the fairytale. Romance in a manhole. Holding hands on a dump. I see this film as an existentialist melodrama. Two people who have renounced all earthly needs except the need for love.

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